Research and design to improve business performance and people’s interaction with products.

INNGAGE is a design company focused on strategic product design, from need to market. We find new ways to improve business performance and people’s lives through a better interaction with products, using a context-centered design approach and a holistic perspective to opportunities (brand + product + service + process).

We partner with our clients to conceptualize and develop innovative products that provide better experiences for the consumer, through a context centered, collaborative and iterative Design processes. Our goal is to design and engineer solutions that meet people needs, industry requirements, and market opportunities (PIM metric).

We don’t differentiate our clients. We work for established companies or brands as well as for startups or innovative individuals with mighty ideas. What brings them together is the will to make a difference. And we want to make the difference with you. Let’s inngage?



Focus on People

We always start with people. Not just what they say, but especially what they do, their behavior. Through empathy it’s possible to dive into the context of others and feel “their pains”.

Team work

Each challenge is a different challenge, with several constraints and needs. Our network allows us to build an interdisciplinary team suitable to each project and clients needs.

Big Picture

Yes, we design products. But what is a product without a context, a brand, a service or a market? Through our design process we always look at the big picture so we can be aware of all touch points of a product.

Empathic Prototypes

Our favorite tool? Prototypes! We see prototypes as a way to anticipate the error, to improve. Prototypes are the most effective way to validate everything during product development. So we prototype from the beginning.


A product to be successful, must add value to consumers (PEOPLE), must be feasible (INDUSTRY) and be commercially viable (MARKET). This metric is a constant in our work.



Design Research

Design Strategy

Product Design